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hi it’s time for this video again

I started a new blog/art blog to begin fresh. I may or may not link it to this blog in the meanwhile, but you’re welcome to come look for me :’) 

I’ll still be coming to this blog to frequently blog whenever, but I’ll be transitioning eventually. Maybe.

random update. First day of school is today and i’ve got less than 4 hours of sleep! heck yeah! I plan on making an art blog for post secondary stuff in the near future. Expect or don’t expecting anything

Hypnosis - Nichijou ep.24

So I’m messing with my webcam settings,and i don’t think I’ll ever get over how sliding the saturation bar turns pics from:

Sensual Grey..

..to Radioactive Carrot.

i don’t even know what i’m doing, but i sure as hell know that someone needs to take my webcam away from me.. OTL

So. If you haven’t played minecraft today, I suggest you do.


this is my favorite scene from shingeki no kyojin because annie is challenging reiner and he gets all nervous and eren’s on the ground like