j o o l u, Nichijou’s 2nd Opening. ( Hyadain no Joujou Yuujou...
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Nichijou’s 2nd Opening. ( Hyadain no Joujou Yuujou ) WIP COVER

A messy mock of cover (WIP) of something i really, REALLY want to cover!  I had to notch down the instrumental 2 semitones unfortunately since my vocal range isn’t up there with Hyadains’; But otherwise it’s still been a blast singing~ ( As well as the first nichijou opening. ) ( Need i also throw in that I’m in love with doofy songs like this.! @W@ )

But anywho~ I ended up using vgperson’s lyrics, and i’ve just been trying to work the english lyrics as much as i can… though.. I’ve been having a bit of troubles here and there.

I am also looking for a female vocalist who might be interested in dueting this~ I’ll make another post regarding that soon, but if you’re remotely willing, send me an ask!

ahhh! I’m so flared up!

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